WEC Staff

If something seems is going wrong, especially if you have some scary warnings holding on your tuition and fees status, this is the page for you!

What if I receive a message from the Bursar?

Don’t worry (too much), since that’s something more common than expected. However, you may need to contact Daniel Deep at ganderindan@ufl.edu. He is a great guy, and will try to fix your issues in no time!

What if I am getting worried about travel reimbursement?

Take into consideration that tons of folks are traveling too, and hence delays are normal. The rule of a thumb in this case is to send a reminder email to WECfiscal (WECFiscal@ifas.ufl.edu) a month or so after you sent them your Travel Expense Report. If you don’t receive any answer yet, send another email after two weeks, this time CCing your adviser. Another good advice in this space is to get in touch with Donna Dyer (dkb@ufl.edu). She Has been working here for 30 years, is well prepared, and always useful. Ideally, if you are in office, you better go and talk to her in person: that will solve your problems way faster!