Basic Travel Info

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WEC Travel Forms

Important policies to know

  • Do not pay for gas with a Pcard unless you have a state vehicle or rental. Fuel in a personal vehicle can only be paid through a mileage calculation.
  • The amount of per diem you can claim is based on your actual travel times. (eg If you are flying, it is based on your actual departure and arrival times.)
  • You can only get reimbursed for tipping taxi/Uber/Lyft drivers up to 20%.
  • There are special rules for conferences, see the conference section below.
  • It is possible to add personal travel to UF travel, see the personal travel section below.
  • See the A-Z Guide for more

The travel process at UF can be broken down into 3 major steps:

  1. Travel Request
  2. Booking travel
  3. Travel Expense Report (TER, being reimbursed for travel)

Travel Request


Most of the form is self-explanatory.

  • Please provide justification for essential travel: Take care to provide a thorough justification of why the travel is needed
    • No: field work
    • Yes: Travel to field site to collect data and perform maintenance
  • Chartfield to Charge: You can get this from Glenda if you don’t know it
  • Benefit to Funding Source: Provide a clear explanation as to how the travel will benefit the chartfield you listed above
    • No: field work
    • Yes: LTREB data collection for monitoring and forecasting
  • Meals (Unless travelling internationally): Choose
    • Meal rate - Domestic (36.00 Per Day)
    • Meal type - Personal Funds
    • Estimated Meal Amount - 36*days (this is the maximum, actual amount will be calculated after travel)
  • International Travel: See INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL to ensure you’re following all the additional guidelines necessary.

WEC Fiscal Staff will email you a copy of report when ready to approve.

You do NOT need to wait for the request to be approved to start booking your travel (unless it is conference travel).

Booking Travel

With few exeptions, you must book all UF-related travel through UFGO’s booking agent.

  • Log into UFGO (
  • Ensure you already have your profile (top right) set up with your contact info, P Card info, any loyalty programs you are a part of (airline, hotel, car rental), and your travel preferences.
  • Go to Travel (in the top menu bar).
  • Under TRIP SEARCH in the left pane, ensure you have selected ‘Business Travel’ and ‘Booking for myself’.
  • Book flights, hotel and/or rental car all on the same itinerary.
  • Under Method of Payment, choose AirCard for flights, Pcard for everything else.


Once all your travel is completed and you have all your receipts ready to upload, fill out the TRAVEL EXPENSE REPORT / OUT OF POCKET REIMBURSEMENT FORM

  • WEC Fiscal Staff will email you a copy of report when ready to approve.
  • Log into UFGO (
  • Go to Expense (in the top menu bar).
  • Current reports will be shown in the REPORT LIBRARY. Choose the name matching your notification email.
  • Check everything carefully and make sure everything is entered correctly.
  • If everything is correct, click Submit Report.

Conference Travel

The PCard may be used to pay registration fees for conferences, conventions, or seminars. This includes those where the registration fee includes meals or social events. Registration reciepts must be itemized so UF can determine whether meals/social events/lodging are included in the fee or can be charged separately.

Optional events, those with separate fees, cannot be paid via PCard. Optional events must be paid for by the traveler.

Travel Requests, required for all travel relating to conferences/conventions, must be done BEFORE making charges. The Travel Request number must be written on receipts and other supporting payment documentation.

You are welcome to add some personal travel to a UF-related work trip. You will just need to submit the information in your TA and TER. During your entire period of travel, you will need to designate each day as a ‘work’ day or ’non-work’ day. When booking in UFGO, document the itinerary and price for what you would have booked if personal travel were not included, and include this as an attachment in your TER.