Rules of Use

  • P Card info is at UF Procurement
  • WEC P Card FORMS
  • Single transaction limit – The amount one single charge cannot exceed. Ours is $2,000.
  • Cycle limit – The amount that can be charged in the weekly cycle (Wed through Tue). Ours is $10,000.
  • Purchases cannot include sales tax if in Florida or with vendors with UF agreement (eg Amazon).
  • Can be used for travel costs (flights, car rentals, gas for business travel, etc)
  • CANNOT be used to purchase food or drinks
  • NEVER EVER EVER use for personal use. There is no “I’ll payback the University for this”. This includes putting gas in a personal vehicle, even if it’s for work travel.
  • When you’re leaving UF, cancel your pcard by just emailing them (pcard@ufl.edu) on your last day, and they will have you shred the card yourself.

Getting a PCARD

  • You need to go through pcard training. This involves watching a number of videos.
  • Step 1: Go to myUFL, then navigate to My Self Service > Training and Development > myTraining. To search for the PCard courses, click in the Activity Search box, then enter the appropriate course name or number.
  • As a PCARD holder, you will need to take the following courses: UFGO500 and UFGO100
  • When you finish your training submit the WEC PCARD APPLICATION FORM
  • Once WEC receives your request the following process will take place:
    • WEC will fill out the Pcard Application with the information you provide in this form
    • WEC will collect required signatures
    • WEC will submit Pcard Application to pcard team on your behalf (pcard team requires Dept approval)
    • Pcard team will notify you when the card has been ordered
    • You can expect to receive the card in about 15 days after.
    • You will receive an email from WEC instructing you to pickup your pcard
  • In reality, processing takes a few weeks to a month. You may need to go in and specifically ask for it if you don’t get an email.
  • Once you receive the card, activate it and set a PIN:
    • Call 8882338855
    • Your account number is the credit card number
    • Your “Verification ID” is 0 followed by your UFID
    • The phone number associated with the account is 352 392 1331.
    • This information is in the email from the PCard office that tells you your application was approved. You won’t get a separate piece of mail with a PIN.

General Info

This section is for general info commonly needed for PCard Purchases

  • Billing Address: University of FLorida, PO Box 110430, Gainesville FL 32611-0430
  • Billing Phone Number: 352-392-1331.
  • PCard are now Chip and Pin cards, so you may need your PIN when using the card in stores.
  • If you use with a PIN, the vendor may ask for a p number/project code/somesuch thing. You can just say the name of the project it’s for, it’s not a specific value.

Using the Pcard

So you’re taking the big step and actually going to use the PCard. Not to scare you but the PCard is a big responsibility and the University takes using them correctly very seriously, so make sure to follow the flowchart below!

  1. Are you purchasing for yourself, or someone else?

    • Never loan anyone your P Card, or give them your P Card information to use - this could result in a suspension
    • You are welcome to purchase items or travel for others, just do it yourself. There are fields on the travel and P Card forms to provide information on who you’re purchasing for and why.
  2. Are you making an item purchase (i.e. an object like a keyboard, paper, etc) or a travel related purchase (i.e. flight, registration, etc)

    • Item Purchase: Jump to Step 3
    • Travel Purchase: You need to also have a Travel Authorization submitted so that the travel costs can be associated with the travel approval. Go to the Travel page and follow those instructions. Before proceeding to step 3.
  3. Are you in a store or buying on the web?

    • Store: Jump to step 4
    • Web: Make sure that the site is not going to charge you sales tax. If it is you must stop immediately. There are other ways of purchasing from online vendors. If the vendor is on myUF MarketPlace (found on myufl) then you can follow these guidelines
      • AMAZON - STOP! - Amazon items must be purchased via the punchout on myUF MarketPlace. Do not use your P Card on Amazon.com, you could get your P Card suspended.
    • Otherwise, talk to Glenda about purchase orders through the department. If you are still making your online purchase, billing address can be found under general info. Proceed to step 4.
  4. You are in a store. Are you in Florida or out of state?

    • Florida: The University of Florida is exempt from paying sales tax and gets irritated about paying it. You need to make sure you have the tax exempt card with you so the store knows not to charge you sales tax. You should have received a card with your pcard but if not you can get one here . Show them your card and proceed to step 5.

    • Out of State: Stay calm and carry on. Sales tax charges are ok if purchases are made out of state. Proceed to step 5.

  5. I have my thing, now what?

    • You have three, yes 3, days to submit your receipts to WEC.
    • Most of the form is self-explanatory. But putting some time into the description and justification will make your life easier. The staff really likes it if pcard holders are very clear about what the purchase is so taking time to fill in that section in the form goes a long way (i.e. if the vendor name is confusing or the items seem like they shouldn’t be allowed on the grant).
      • You can only put items on a sponsored project (a specific project-related grant) if the item will without question only be used for that project. Computers and computer supplies are especially difficult to justify. There is always department money that can be used for these items if it’s questionable.
      • If you’re purchasing travel for someone else, make sure you put it on a chartfield they are allowed to work on (usually one they are paid from)
    • Please describe how the items will be used for the chartfield being charged.: Take care to provide a thorough justification of why the item is needed
      • No: computer supplies
      • Yes: Cables and communication equipment will be used in the field to communicate with project team members on project goals
    • Chartfield to Charge: You can get this from Glenda if you don’t know it
    • Benefit to Funding Source: Provide a clear explanation as to how the items will benefit the chartfield you listed above
      • No: field work
      • Yes: Tools for field site maintenance and saftey
    • Attach a picture of the receipt at the end of the form.
    • If you are traveling, I would recommend taking a picture as soon as you get the receipt in your hand. You don’t want to lose receipts. Trust me.
    • If you buy fuel for a rental car, you need to include the rental agreement number in the email.
  6. Did you lose your receipt?

    • People will be unhappy with you but it is not the end of the world. You need to fill out this form
    • The form requires your supervisor (Ethan or Morgan) to sign it. You will receive the stank eye from a variety of people. You will survive.
  7. I took longer than 3 days to submit my documentation

    • You have likely gotten several emails from concursolutions warning you you have overdo expenses, just go ahead and submit the form ASAP.
    • If WECfiscal sends you get a notification that you are out of compliance on your P Card let Glenda, Morgan or Ethan know.

Temporarily increasing purchasing limit

It is possible to temporarily increase the purchasing limit on your card if needed. To do this complete the ONE-TIME PCARD LIMIT INCREASE REQUEST FORM