Poster Presentations

Designing your poster

Posters are often end up being a wall of text. If you want to experiment with a new poster design, watch this YouTube video. The first half of the video is making an argument for why the ’traditional’ poster design is ineffective, slows down knowledge transfer, and makes poster session less enjoyable for everyone. The new poster design is showed in the second half of the video if you want to just skip ahead.

[note: should upload a copy of a traditional scientific poster]

Printing the Poster

Here is some information on how to print your poster at UF:

Poster dimensions are limited in one direction to 36 inches. They charge $3 per foot for the other dimension, so a typical poster that is 36" x 48" would cost $12.

The location of the printing room for posters is Rm. 118 in the Architecture building. Don’t actually go into the architecture building as you’ll get lost. The room can is accessed from the outside on Inner Rd (see map below). Another option is to go to Rm. E235 in Marston Library.

Rm. 118

You can also print posters on fabric, to avoid having to carry a poster tube while traveling. They can be done at Spoonflower for ~$20 + $3 shipping, but shipping takes 6-9 days so the poster would need to be prepared well in advance. See their directions here.