Working Remotely

[In development]

Remote work is broadly supported in the group ranging from occasionally working from home to living elsewhere and working entirely remotely.

Alternate Work Location Agreement

For folks working off campus for extended periods we need to let UF know that you are planning to work offcampus as your official work location. Download the Alternate WorkLocation Agreement and fill out as much as you can. If something does not seem relevant to you, put in N/A. Send to your supervisor (Morgan or Ethan) to fill out or discuss anything that you can’t answer on your own. When the two of you are happy with the form, your supervisor will send it to the WEC staff to be submitted to UF. You will be asked to sign the document through docusign, so signing it in advance is not necessary. The form needs to be renewed every year.

Windows Computer Set Up

Setting up a new Windows computer under the UF domain remotely is not possible. It will give you an error message that your Microsoft account does not exist, if you try to use your UF GatorLink log-ins. However, creating a local account can be done.

at the Sign in with Microsoft screen, click on the domain join found at the bottom left corner of the screen
set up computer with your preferred name, password, sign-in options (e.g., PIN, fingerprint, etc.)
using personal UF Gatorlink, download software such as Microsoft Office