Way of weecology

Be bold, but not reckless
Prefer rough answers to the right questions over precise answers to the wrong ones
There is no one “right way” to do science, not even your way

Prioritize science over credit, but credit everyone who contributes
Recognize and credit all aspects of the scientific process
Don’t be territorial, there is too much work to do to fight over who does what

Train the next generation of scientists, and the previous one
Help make science more diverse and inclusive
Be generous

Treat other scientists like you would want to be treated
When you screw up, and you will, apologize and do better
Don’t punch down

Talkin’ ain’t doin’
Remember that saying No is just saying Yes to something else
Choose the path that advances knowledge as quickly as possible
That often means stopping the ideal from being the enemy of the good

Good science comes from happy people
Work in the way that works best for you
Take care of yourself and those around you

Open is better than closed
Share knowledge and tools broadly
But recognize that not everything should be open

There are many versions of success
You define success for yourself
Your priorities, strengths, and goals will help you find your path

It’s all going to be OK