Teaching Opportunities

Teaching opportunities are available for folks in the group who want to develop teaching skills and experience or just like to teach others.

Carpentries training and workshops

UF has an active Carpentries community originally co-founded by weecologists. There is typically a Carpentries Instructor Training workshop each year to receive training in how to teach workshops. One you’ve completed this training there are multiple workshops per year at UF to teach in. Find out more at the UF Carpentries Club site. Weecology will cover any costs associated with training.

Guest Lectures

Guest lectures are when someone delivers one or more lectures in someone else’s course. Ethan and Morgan are happy to support members of the group teaching guest lectures in their courses and there are sometimes opportunities for guest lecturing in other courses. Just let Ethan or Morgan know that you are interested in this and they will work with you to identify the best opportunities.

Co-teaching as instructor of record

The best way to understand what developing and teaching courses is like is to co-teach a course. This is also useful for demonstrating real experience and committment to teaching for people interested in going into teaching focused careers. Morgan and Ethan are both willing to co-teach courses with folks who want to do this and have sufficient time and energy to do so. You will actually be an official instructor (also known as an “instructor of record”) and we will work with you to learn how to teach and develop new course materials for college courses.

UF/Santa Fe College Faculty Development Project

The UF/Santa Fe College Faculty Development Project is a partnership between the University of Florida and local Santa Fe College that aims to increase faculty diversity at Santa Fe College while providing doctoral students at UF with valuable teaching experience. Participants teach two courses per year at SFC and assist in its recruitment and retention of minority and underrepresented students. The program provides a stipend of $15,000 for nine months, in-state tuition, fees, and health insurance for fall-spring semesters with an additional amount supplied by UF. Participants must have a master’s degree in an approved field, 18 credit hours of graduate level hours in an approved field completed, and have passed their qualifying exams. The application deadline for this program falls in the spring of each year.