Lab Tools

There is a general lab tool kit for a variety of tasks. A shared set of tools makes collaboration within the group easier because: 1) everyone knows how to use them; and 2) we’ve selected them over the years because we have found them to be effective for both local and remote collaboration. For tools involved in direct collaboration (e.g., Google Docs, GitHub) these tools should be used unless a specific decision has been made by the entire team to use a different tool set. For tools used directly only by individuals (e.g., RStudio) these are only recommendations.

Reference Manager

  • Zotero

Manuscript Writing

  • Manuscript writing: Google Docs
  • References: Zotero Google Docs plugin


  • R: RStudio or Visual Studio Code
  • Python: RStudio or Visual Studio Code
  • Text editor/IDE (all languages): Visual Studio Code
  • Version control: git and GitHub
  • Code archive: Zenodo


  • Data archiving: Zenodo

In house digital communication

  • Slack

Video Conferencing

  • Zoom