Lab Space

Conference Room

Check on the conference room calendar to be sure the room will be available for your use. Add your meeting to the calendar to reserve a time.

Video Conferencing


Material on whiteboards should be recorded (if needed) before leaving the room. Any whiteboard can be erased as needed. If erasing the material makes you nervous, you can always snap a picture just in case. But the responsibility lies with the group working on the boards to make sure they record their work.

If in the middle of an ongoing activity write an obvious “save!” note next to the work, but still take a picture to be safe. This is only intended for short term preservation while the activity continues (typically no more than a few days). Boards marked “Save!” should be not be erased.

Coffee Shop

Tea and coffee are for general use, unless otherwise specified. Wash your dishes.

Dry Lab


Fridge space is shared among the lab members, and there is usually plenty of space for storing food/drink items. Here are some general guidelines and specific rules for the fridges:

  • Do check occasionally for your old/forgotten items.
  • Morgan and Ethan provide milk - give them a heads up on Slack if we are out.
  • Fridges will be purged of items 3 times a year:
    • beginning and end of spring semester, and beginning of fall semester
    • announcements will be sent on the lab slack a week, 2 days, and 1 day before purges (if you need someone to save something in the fridge for you, let someone know)
  • Fridges will be defrosted once a year:
    • simultaneously with the end of spring semester fridge purge