Committee Meetings

Scheduling a time to meet

Committee meetings usually only need to be an hour long.

It can be very tricky to find a time when all committee members are free (especially if there are 5 of them because of WEC). The process below is one way this can happen:

  • Email all members to ask which days within a 1-2 month range they’re completely busy/traveling/unavailable.
  • Create a schedule form to figure out the specific times each member is available, restricting this to the days in which everyone is not completely unavailable. We recommend [When Is Good] ( On the website, you create a calendar of possible days and times.
    • Use 30 minute blocks of time so that you have the best chance of finding time that fits everyone’s schedules (given UF’s class schedule available often doesn’t line up with the hours of the day evenly).
    • Check Morgan and Ethan’s weecology calendars to block out times with any meetings and classes already scheduled.
    • The site creates a link to the calendar of available times.
    • Email this to all committee members, and ask them to fill it out by clicking on their available times (which will turn green).
    • After everyone has filled it out, you access the calendar with a unique code that shows how many and which members are available for each time period. If you’re lucky, there will be at least one time period during which everyone is free.
  • Email all the members back letting them know what time the meeting is and where it will be held.
  • Send a reminder email 24-48 hours in advance that includes an agenda.

Rooms that can be reserved for meetings

  • In Newins-Ziegler, rooms 135 or 376. Person to contact to reserve the room is Elaine Culpepper (
  • Rooms can also be reserved in McCarty D. Person to contact to reserve is Virginia Mauldin in McCarty D 1008.